Glass Slipper Studio                     
                                                              NOW AIR CONDITIONED

Glass Slipper Studio is a well hidden gem located in the North Hollywood Arts District. We have 2000 sq. feet of state of the art studio space. With the newest and most advanced  equipment, we are able to meet all of your production needs. 

The main studio space is 39 ft wide 56 Ft deep with 17 ft high ceilings. We've equipped the studio with Paul Buss White Lightning, Alien Bee, and Profoto strobes, along with the newest accessories and modifiers including our new 86” parabolic (please click on EQUIPMENT above for full list). 

When you rent our studio, we include:

  • Three strobes with modifiers.  EXTRA STROBES AVAILABLE 
  • 3 Hard lights for video shoots. EXTRA HARD LIGHTS AVAILABLE
  • Your choice of a variety of cloth photo backdrops, as well as hard sets, a 20 ft green screen, and our new blackout room (12 x 15 x 10 ft of total darkness). 
  • A wardrobe room with two hair and make up stations, complete with lighted mirrors and luxurious, fully reclining makeup chairs.
  • Audio playback via a CD or iPod connected to our 2000 watt playback system. 
  • Wireless Internet
  • A production room and agency lounge area. 
  • Ample secure parking which can fit up to 3 production trucks and plenty of cars                                                              






                                                                                                            ANNOUNCING OUR NEW 
                                                                   16' X 36' CORNER CYC 
                                                                  17 FT HIGH FREE SPAN
Solution Graphics